Email Marketing - The Single Most Effective Internet Marketing Strategy

By Dustin Cannon

Think about the last time you bought something online or visited an interesting web site. How did you learn about the product or web site? There is a very good chance it was from an email. Like it or not email marketing is still the most effective form of Internet marketing from an ROI perspective.

In fact, according to research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, no other form of advertising or marketing produces a higher return on investment that email marketing returning an average of $43.62 for every dollar spent.

There are several reasons why email works better than all other forms of direct marketing.

First of all and most importantly, consumers are constantly being bombarded with advertising messages and the competition for their attention has never been more fierce. When you finally have their attention you've got maybe 2 seconds to keep it and communicate your message. Generally, when someone opens an email the marketer has their full and undivided attention without distracting banners, audio or competing messages. It is not surprising that email converts more prospects to sales at a lower cost.

Secondly, email is cheap. In fact, it is essentially free to send an email to a list who has opted in or subscribed to receive your emails.

Finally, email allows you to build a relationship with your prospects through repeated exposure. You can email your list anytime and as often as you wish. With that being said, how you manage this freedom can have a huge impact on the responsiveness of your list. If you are constantly attempting to hard sell your subscribers they are quickly going to opt out of your list. Instead, focus on providing valuable information that builds your credibility as an expert and trusted resource in your industry. After you do that they will buy anything from you. That is why they say having a large email opt in list or having access to one is like having the ability to print money.

Email marketing works. Ask yourself whether you are neglecting the one form of Internet marketing that outperforms all others? If so, isn't it time to start building your own list of opt in subscribers that you can reach out to with new products and services on a regular basis?

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Keys to Create Effective E-Newsletters

By Maxina Blake

The computer users turn to Internet searching for specific information. Newsletters provide information and keep its subscribers abreast of the current events as well as developments of the company. Marketers use the newsletters to provide information related to web conferencing, new business ideas and online workshops. They are the great way to promote an online business of the organization. This has the potential to take the marketer across the geographical boundaries swiftly and instantly. This enables the entrepreneur to fetch new customers and increase the company's market share. An entrepreneur should be able to make effective presentation of newsletters.

While making result-oriented email newsletters entrepreneur should consider few points. A marketer should understand the prospective customers. This enables the marketer to focus the mind on the kind of subject matter discussed in the newsletter. The subject should pertain to the interests of the customers. At first instance you should be able to allure the customer's attention towards your newsletter. This is possible by creating an engaging subject line of the email. The inside message of the mail should be informative in nature. The main aim of writing an email letter is to provide authentic information to the reader. Therefore, avoid the use of many graphics and other pictorial symbols. The use of many pictures can give an impression of fake mail. The font size used should be readable and printable. There are many times when reader wants to print the information. For easy printing marketer should keep the content inside half-inch margin. Keep a separate section for announcements and separate column for the upcoming events. One can give information on company profile, recent awards and achievements. Marketer can present product or service reviews of the company. You can have small section of jokes, inspirational quotes and other such things to engage a reader's mind. One can also post 'poll questions' or 'Ask the expert' section to elicit response from the customers. This is wonderful means to encourage participation from the reader. This can also engage reader's interest in your email letter.

An interesting email letter can generate maximum response from the customers. This also allures the potential customers to the company's products and services.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Maxina_Blake

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